Repton is a small town built up in the ruins of a fortress that was destroyed during the Kesharian Civil War. The original name of the town was Trist, and it was the refugees from the disaster which destroyed the town who founded the modern town of Trist in indel. Repton is located at the foot of the range known as the wyvern mountains . The town Is fairly modest, constructed of mostly wooden structures with few shops and accommodations for travelers.

The dusty village square is full of travelers on their way into or out of keshar, and camels, horses, caravans, and exotic fairs of all kinds can be seen here in route to somewhere else.

When entering repton roll from the repton encounter table

Places of Interest

Repton Encounter Table

Description Text

1: Several merchants fresh from across the desert are unloading a wagon full of goods. They advise you to go to the Last Hope Lodge to get a room for the night if you are new in town. They will accept help but offer no reward.
2: A group of 1d4 mercenaries from the blasted lands drunkenly walking through the street. They insult anyone who comes near (persuasion, intimidation, or deception dc8 to make them go away, otherwise they attack. Use bandit stat block)
3: A hyena begging for food. Animal handling dc18 to tame. (advantage if you feed it)
4: a group of town guards hired by the merchants guild, they don't question you.
5: A group of religious zealots on their way to the temple of Kesh. They are wearing red robes and have sworn an oath of silence.
6: A beggar asking for a coin. If you give it to him you gain advantage on your next persuasion check.
7: A group of local farmers back from preparing the fields for the spring, they will inform you of recent wyvern attacks in the area.
8: A black cloaked figure watching from the shadows. (perception dc15) if spotted he will flee, if confronted this spy for sorobos will fight to the death (use spy stat block).
9: A dog with human hands watches you from the outskirts of town. Vanishes if approached.
10: a local group of performers is putting on a show in the square, anyone who joins in with an acrobatics display, performance, or feat of athleticism which exceeds a dc15 gains inspiration!

Last Hope Lodge

The Last Hope Lodge 

The last hope lodge is a small single story inn and bar made of reused stones from the ruins of the old city. The owner of the bar is a dragonborn named Strog. Here things are kept clean and orderly , and the bottles on the shelves are always perfectly aligned. Strog fought in the keseharian civil war and was on the losing side and holds no loyalty to the emperor of kesh. 

Here a drink costs only 1gp, but they don’t serve anything fancy and a basic meal can be had for 2. 

Rooms at the last hope lodge are 5gp a night, but you can sleep in the stables out back for 1sp if you are down on your luck. 

Last Hope Lodge Encounters- 

1- A couple of locals playing darts, if you can beat them with a dex save dc14 you can win 10gp
2- A fortune teller is reading fortunes in the bar , if you pay her 10gp she will give you a reading and you gain advantage on your next skill check or ability check.
3- some mercenaries are having an arch wrestling competition, if you can beat them str dc15 they will insult you and leave.
4- A bard is here singing a song about the legend of the turkey king, a spectral turkey ghost who haunts anyone who consumes turkey meat.


Repton is on the way to everywhere but because of high taxes and an agreement with the merchants guild, not many high priced items can be bought here. Non-magical gear worth less than 50gp can be found in the small shops which line the town square.


Repton has a caravan to Castle Indel for 30gp


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