Cold Sea Encounter Table

A ship sails close, it’s flag bearing strange colors and what looks like a gun and a bowl of soup crossed. A dragonborn captains the ship, and if hailed he’ll talk about the city it represents, Ius, and offer to lead them there.
2- a water elemental attacks the ship
3- A storm knocks the ship off course (one hour travel)
4- An iceberg forces you to change course. Roll Again.
5- Choppy seas and a wind storm. 1d2 air elementals descend from the clouds and attack.
A merchant ship with the flag of Starside is coming to or from Ius, but will be very tight lipped about it and refuse to talk or acknowledge that they’re trading with them.
7- A dense fog surrounds the ship. Roll Again.
8- An intense current pulls the ship out to sea and takes 1d4 hours to travel back.
9 The ship is attacked by pirates.

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|1| A large Tuna – (str save dc15 or lose the tuna to the sea) wort 50gp
|2|a bright colored sunfish (worth 50gp)
|3| Nothing
|4| A Golden Herring – (worth 100gp)
|5| A giant sea snake (attacks, use giant venomous snake stat block)
|6| A blood red eel – (worth 150 gp )
|7| An emerald green manta (worth 200gp)
|8| 1d4 merrow attacks the ship.
|9| an elegant silver shrimp (worth 500gp)
|10| A giant shark (attacks)

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