Rights and Privileges of Land Holders

Land owners shall have the following allowances:

  • Land owners may submit a rules change to be put to vote
  • Land owners may vote on rules changes
  • Landowners may post links to sell or advertise their businesses , art commissions, so on and so forth on their lands (we are in no way affiliated with your product or service, and it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are compliant with laws and copyright IP stuff. We are just letting you post a link and say you have a service that exists. Anything you post on your lands is still subject to approval. )


Each landowner receives one vote.

A land owner will put forth a rules change to be voted upon, it will stay pinned and a link to the website will be provided so that landowners can submit their votes to either approve or dismiss the rules change. After a period of 14 days the rule will be either dismissed or approved.

If a rule is approved it goes to Mungen Daster. Mungen Daster will then either approve the rule outright, or send the rules team for revision, in rare cases a rule may be outright denied but this would most likely only happen in the case of an IP conflict or other legal reason.
To overturn a rule or append an existing rule, requires the same process.

In what format should I submit a rules change or a new rule?

This is how it should look.

Rules Change – drinking a potion should be a bonus action instead of a full action. – Why? Because in nearly all cases sacrificing an action to drink a potion is sub optimal, because of this potions would fall almost completely out of use removing a loved and enjoyed part of the game.

Make your case as clearly as you can, explain exactly what rule you mean to change and what in game and out of game affects it will cause.

Also try to keep in mind that all rules apply UNIVERSALLY so any rule which requires DM fiat is probably not going to work out, however there is a work around:Try to think of a creative way to AVOID Dm fiat with the use of a chart or table!

When will I be able to submit a rule?

The system for collecting votes and verifying ownership of land is being built and will be online soon! When it is a discord channel called Land-Council will be created. Estimated opening time is between a few days and a week.

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