The Rules Document

This document reflects server rules and also those rules which differ from raw, acceptations to rules due to circumstance, and other various rules changes.


  1. This is an 18+ Server. No minors.
  2. Keep things PG related, no explicit adult content.
  3. The server is a semi-autonomous, text-based sandbox running on the Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition rules using Milestone leveling. Maps, area descriptions, and auto-tables are in the Pinned Messages. 
  4. Characters begin play at level 1. You can start at Road to Sheywen, Gobblecrack, and Castle Indel,
  5. For each channel, check the Pinned messages.
  6. Interacting with the Auto-Tables is an autonomous activity that does not require a DM, but will be reviewed by a DM. As such, players must type actions they are taking regarding the auto-tables before rolling any relevant dice. An example of using Auto-Tables include: hunting in the woods, foraging for berries, diving for treasure in the lake. These require Ability Checks to accomplish, the DC is listed in the Auto-Table description. For instance: To hunt, roll a Survival Check. To forage, roll a Nature Check. To dive for treasure, roll an Athletics Check. Upon succeeding the listed DC for the check you want to perform a roll on the Auto-Table. Some tables are larger than others. Some results of those tables require additional roles. Any Monsters or Enemies present on the Auto-Tables are PLAYER RUN ENCOUNTERS. This means that you, or your friends, control the Monsters. This allows you to engage in combat whenever you like without requiring DM supervision.
  7. While running Monster Encounters from the Auto-Table remember that ALL battles are subject to review, and will be retconned if the following conditions are not met: 1: Combat is run via RAW with as few interpretations of the rules as possible 2: All Monsters must use their ENTIRE stat block during combat if possible 3: Monsters are AGGRESSIVE 4: Monster Characteristics listed in their description (in the Monster Manual) must be followed (if applicable)
  8. Interacting with the Auto-Tables for the FIRST TIME each day grants Inspiration which lasts until the end of the day if not used. 
  9. Advertising on the server itself is off limits, but you may post a link to your commissions or whatever other page from your LANDS when you edit them. You can’t link to anything NSFW and everything is subject to approval. It should be somehow dnd / fantasy/ dice/ art sort of related, you get the picture. under the umbrella of fantasy adventure gaming.
  10. PVP requires explicit consent from all parties involved – this means actually getting a Yes The same is true for spells such as Geas, Feeblemind, or other such affecting spells on other PCs, or really doing anything to another character.
  11. If you are going to bring up triggering topics, please discuss this first with the player/group you are with OOC. If you are given the go ahead you are able to continue but proceed with caution. If you are told at any point this is not okay then please drop the topic and continue.
  12. No one needs to justify any triggers that come up, no explanations are needed or expected. We are trying to keep this a safe and fun environment for everyone.
  13. All characters must be adults. No exception.
  14. Doors are around 7ft tall unless otherwise stated.
  15. There are no villain PCs allowed.This is a PVE server. It is not a PVP based server.
  16. Passives. Passive perception can be used against stealth checks, sleight of hand checks, and stealth DC’s for bandit ambushes. Passive insight can be used against deception checks. You are not able to use a passive skill to find an entrance to a dungeon, to track something, etc. 
  17. No one may shapeshift , polymorph, create an illusion of or otherwise replicate the likeness of another PC without their consent. 
  18. Flanking is allowed and gives advantage. 
  19. Drinking a potion is a bonus action. 
  20. Teleportation circle always costs 50 gp worth of gem infused chalks and inks to cast and is only open for a single round teleporting one direction.
  21. Leveling only occurs after a long rest. (Both in and out of character long rest required)
  22. When you cast Teleport or use an item for it only conscious willing creatures and equipment you are carrying can be brought . You can travel to known Teleportation Circles or Inns(not player owned inns) that you have a bought  a Mug from as the associated object.

Very familiar is only for rooms you have lived in for more than a week. Everything else considered Seen Casually or Seen Once.

 Off Target means you start 1 hex away from where you were going.

 Similar area is 1d10 hexes away from the target hex in a 1d8 direction(1 is north 2 is northwest ect.). 

On a mishap the spell slot is consumed and everyone intending to teleport,

 takes the damage and does not go anywhere. No inspiration is allowed for the 1d100 roll for off target. 

  1. If you are in an encounter area (Sablecopse, Island, Catacombs, etc), and you roll a combat encounter, you CANNOT just leave outside initiative.

The ONLY way you can run away is fleeing in initiative, and only if insert creature/s here can’t catch up within a few turn

  1. The catacombs are always changing, yes, as your encounters with the rooms are random. The rooms themselves are random with the monsters, but they are the same room.
  2. The temple is the same for anyone who hits it on a roll, the camp is the same when it is randomly rolled, so on and so forth.

If someone dies within the catacombs in a specific room such as the temple then you have to roll the room of the temple, survive the encounter, and investigate the area to find any bodies that may be there. DC 15 Investigation 

  1. Blue pebbles only teleport out of combat and only the person that activates it, their equipment and familiars/pets/mount.

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