The Hollowed Temple

The Cold Sea is aptly named, as its waters are frigid all year long and a cold wind seems to always blow in from the east. The area is full of icebergs and small rocky islands which jut up from the dark waters threatening to sink any ships who dare go into its waters. The area serves as a hiding place for pirates and monsters alike.

Cold Sea Encounter Table

1- An air elemental attacks the ship
2- a water elemental attacks the ship
3. You can make a DC 16 Perception Check (No Passive) spot underneath the water’s surface (Only during the day) the image of something sticking out of a group of rocks. With a successful DC 15 Strength (Athletics) check, you are able to pull the item free from the rocks and discover this to be a trident that is adorned with pearls from the sea. If this is encountered first and you are able to use the weapon, then you are able to do so for The Hollowed Temple encounter and are under the spell Bless for an hour while using this weapon (Only for Temple Encounter, and only if the weapon was not used before the hourly Temple Encounter Roll.) (Total Value of Pearls 50GP.)
4. (The Hollowed Temple) If you are brave enough to tempt to swim to the temple found under the waters that shimmers in the light of the sun like a beacon of treasure then be prepared! Roll 1D3 to determine how many Sea Spawn surround you under the water. If one is slain then 1D2 Sea Hags appear to defend the temple. If all are slain then the treasure is yours. A set of three pearls worth a total of 60 GP.
5- Choppy seas and a wind storm. 1d2 air elementals descend from the clouds and attack.
6- roll 1d100 , on a roll of 100 a Kraken appears and attacks.
7- A dense fog surrounds the ship. Roll Again.
8- An intense current pulls the ship out to sea and takes 1d4 hours to travel back.
9 The ship is attacked by pirates.

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|1| A large Tuna – (str save dc15 or lose the tuna to the sea) wort 50gp
|2|a bright colored sunfish (worth 50gp)
|3| Nothing
|4| A Golden Herring – (worth 100gp)
|5| A giant sea snake (attacks, use giant venomous snake stat block)
|6| A blood red eel – (worth 150 gp )
|7| An emerald green manta (worth 200gp)
|8| 1d4 merrow attacks the ship.
|9| an elegant silver shrimp (worth 500gp)
|10| A giant shark (attacks)

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