Wyvern Mountain


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Traveling in Wyvern Mountain

Wyvern mountain is an extremely dangerous area prone to violent volcanic activity. For each hour you spend exploring the mountains roll a 1d100 to determine if the volcano is erupting, on a roll of 60 or below the volcano is erupting. 

If the volcano is erupting, roll from the Volcanic Dangers table before you roll your encounter for that hour. 

Volcanic Activity Table 1d10

1- Forest fire – Dc16 dex to avoid burning trees falling around you. Take 2d6 fire on a failed save. 
2- Volcanic Gas – A vent of toxic gas erupts out of the ground near the party, dc16 con save –  2d8 poison damage half damage on a success  .
3- Lava flow – party must avoid a flow of lava, forcing them to go backwards and costing them an hour. 
4- A ball of fire – a ball of fire falls from the sky and explodes in the center of the group, dc 14 dex save for half 4d6 fire damage. 
5- Rampaging animals – The party is attacked by 1d6 wolves that are fleeing the volcano. Animal handling dc15 negates. 
6- Hot Smoke – A wave of hot smoke overwhelmed the party dealing 1d6 fire damage and con save dc15 or 1d6 poison damage. 
7- Harmless smoke blows over the area. 
8- A group of deer flee down the mountain. 
9- The sound of a wyverns shrill cry pierces through the air from somewhere above the clouds. 
10- You find a small hot spring, resting here for ten minutes restores one hit die to anyone who drinks or bathes in mineral rich waters. 

Flying around wyvern mountain

It is inadvisable to approach the mountain by air. 

The wyverns that surround the mountain are constantly searching for things to eat and anything that flies above 10ft for more than 1 minute risks drawing their attention. For each round beyond a minute in which you are in the air roll a 1d10 on a roll of 50 or above the wyverns spot you (or catch your scent if you are invisible) and attack. 1d2 wyverns swoop down from the sky on the first round and behind a feeding frenzy which attracts 1d2 additional wyverns every round (for a maximum of 10 rounds) 

Wyvern Mountain Areas

Foot Hills- 

The foothills of wyvern mountain are frequented by hunters because of the surprisingly rich game found here. Wyverns also enjoy the bounty so hunters try to take care to avoid them, even so, accidents happen and many hunters are killed each year by the fearsome beasts. 

Reaching the slopes of wyvern mountain requires 1 hour of travel through the foothills. For each hour spent traveling through the foothills, after you roll for volcanic dangers, roll to see what else you encounter.

Foothills encounter table 1d10

1- A wild wyvern bursts through the trees and attacks. (begins combat on the ground) 
2- You find a camp of hunters- See CAMP
3- A fresh lava flow blocks your path – See LAVA FLOW
4- 1d4 magma mephits are starting forest fires in this area and attempt to set you on fire. 
5- 1d4 fire snakes have emerged from a crack in the ground , they will attack anyone who comes near. 
6- A group of birds bursts out of the bushes nearby alerting you to the presence of something large moving through the bushes. An injured Bullet has surfaces here, it is badly burned apparently from burrowing into a lava flow. The bullet is in pain and will attack anyone who comes near it without passing a successful dc17 animal handling. If the bullet is healed at least 20 hp it will burrow away , leaving behind a 10ft by 10 tunnel which leads to Wyvern Mountain Summit (when you go to the summit this way you do not have to roll for volcanic activity) 
7- A group of 1d4 human scouts are moving through the forest looking for game, when they come upon you they will offer to guide you up the mountain in return for 500 gold coins. (they can take you to any area of the mountain without rolling from volcanic activity tables, or encounter tables in one hour) 
8- 1d4 ash covered druids are wandering through the forest here and setting fire to the underbrush.
9- A fallen oak tree is heavily infested with small gray moths. They flutter about the stump and lay tiny lavender eggs on the underside of its fallen trunk. A few small grayish caterpillars crawl around on the rocks nearby. (A successful harvest nature dc10 can harvest 1d4 moths or caterpillars; the tiny eggs are instantly destroyed if they are moved or disturbed.  
10- Your find a wyvern nest – SEE WYVERN NEST


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 You come upon a camp of hunters, they have built their camp in the shadow of several large boulders which offer limited protection from the volcanic activity. They will let you take a short rest here, and are willing to share food and water, they will also buy meat, herbs, and fish for normal prices but will pay a premium on wyvern wings. The leather of the wyverns wing is a prized commodity and they will pay 25gp for each one you bring them. 

Wyvern Nest- 

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 Here between some fallen trees 1d4+1 wyverns guard a clutch of wyvern eggs. They have built a nest out of volcanic rock and thick branches which smolder and give off thick smoke. The nests are behind the ruins of an ancient tower which has long since crumbled into dust. The wyverns will attack immediately. 


Wyverns lay large amounts of eggs, but only a few of them are actually fertilized. Some scholars believe this to be a trait adapted to defend their eggs against predators by surrounding the true fertilized eggs with many decoy eggs. 

A typical nest contains 2d4 eggs. When you collect these eggs you can roll a nature check dc10 to check if the egg is fertilized by holding it up to the light.  For each egg roll a 1d100, on a roll of 50 or lower, the egg is fertilized. 

Lava Flow

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Here a river of lave heads down the mountain destroying everything in its path.

When you enter the lava flow roll 1d4 to see what you encounter

Lava Flow- 1d4

When you enter the lava flow roll 1d4 to see what you encounter

1- A group of 1d4 magmen are smelting metal in a lava flow here, they will not bother you unless you attempt to stop them. Those who speak ignan or primordial can try to talk to them, and with a successful persuasion, deception, or intimidation dc15 they will reveal that they have traveled here from deep underground my means of the volcano, and are harvesting metals to use in an ongoing conflict with the dwarves of ironhold. They won’t disclose exactly how the metal will be used however.
2- 1d2 fire elementals and 1d4 fire mephits consuming everything they see , they will attack you instantly. 
3- 1d2 fire giants bathe in the lava flows here. They speak ignan, common , and primordial and can be reasoned with if you can pass a persuasion, deception, or intimidation check dc15. If you fail they will become hostile and attack unless you leave immediately. The giants have 1d10 diamonds worth 300gp between them. 
4- A group of 1d4 wyverns descends down from the sky and attacks. 

The Summit- 

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Those who make it to the summit of wyvern mountain find a massive crater brimming over with hot lava from deep within the core of the earth. The smoldering pit was surrounded by a massive graveyard of wyvern bones, blackened and charred and mounded up over thousands years of wyverns returning to this place to complete their life cycle. When you get to the summit, for each hour you spend there, roll first from the volcanic dangers table then roll a 1d4 to see what you find. 

Lava- areas depicted on the map as lava deal 5d10 fire damage to anyone who begins there turn there and catch on fire.

Summit Encounter Table
1- A lone elderly wyvern, it has been blinded by flying through volcanic gas but it will attack at disadvantage if it hears or smells you. It stumbles through the graveyard scavenging from the remains of other wyverns and whatever else it can find. 
2- 1d4 skeletal wyverns raise up from the litter and attack any living creature in the area. 
3- a fire elemental and 1d4 magma mephits exit from the pit and attack.
Roll Wyvern Mountain Scaled Encounter- 
Wyvern Mountain Scaled Encounter

This is a different type of encounter table which scales depending on party size and level. To generate the encounter each PLAYER rolls from the table which corresponds to their level and the results are added together to produce the final encounter. 

Level 1-3

1 . 1d2 magma mephits
2 . 1d2 magmen
3 . 1 fire wyrm
4 . 1d2 salamanders

Levels 4-7

 1- 1 fire elemental 
2- 1d4 magma mephits
3- 1d4 salamanders
4- skeletal wyverns

Levels 8-10

1 1d2 fire elementals 
2 1d2 skeletal wyverns
3 1 fire giant
4 1d2 wyverns

Levels 11-13

1 1d4 wyverns
2 1d2+1 fire elementals
3 1d6 magma mephits 
4 1d4 skeletal wyverns

Levels 14-16

1 1d4 fire elementals
2 1d6 wyverns
3 1d6 skeletal wyverns
4 1d4 fire giants

Levels 17-20

1 one adult red dragon
2 2d4 wyverns 
3 1d4+1 fire giants
4 One Pit Fiend


Scaled encounters rewards

How to Determine Rewards –

In order to determine which reward table to roll from, find the SUM OF ALL PLAYERS LEVELS .
For instance if a group of adventurers level 1, 20 , and 6 the total sum of all levels is 27.

Rewards are calculated with the following equation – 10d20xTPl x the number of people in the party.

So a party with 3 party members with a TPL of 27 the gp might be rewarded with 8,100 gp.

Each character will also receive 500 EXPERIENCE POINTS for this encounter.

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