The Rules Team

What is the Rules Team?

The rules team is a moderator group for Mungen on the Pocket Dimension Server of Discord. They have been selected by Mungen for the means of keeping the server regulated and abiding by the rules that are put into place to keep everything fun and safe. We are here to make sure everyone is following the rules of 5e, RAW, and that of the server. We will point out mistakes/clarify how things work in combat, monsters, saves, check, etc so that they do not continue.

  1. The Rules Team are able to provide the “Traveler Role” to those that are new to the server so they are able to begin their adventure.
  2. The Rules Team are able to be asked questions concerning Monsters/Rules/Spells and combat for 5E for better clarification. 
  3. The Rules Team are able to make a ruling decision for RAW (rules as written) when a question is asked about how something works. We always make sure that Mungen is alerted to these questions if there is a dispute so it can be handled if there is a disagreement, but as Rules Team we are tasked with keeping things flowing smoothly. 
  4. If a Rules Team member makes a ruling about how a monster/area is interacted with, how a spell works or the rules for that spell and what it can do, or how a check works and does not work then it should be followed until Mungen is able to clarify (Only if there is a dispute.)
  5. The Rules Team are able to ban bots, spammers, and advertisers that enter into the server that are not first approved by Mungen.
  6. No abusive language will be used by a Rules Team member when making a ruling for how a mechanic operates, and no abusive language will be tolerated when directed to a Rules Team member (or anyone on the server)
  7. Players who wish to dispute a ruling can do so by submitting the following form

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