Pocket Dimensions Road Map feb – april

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Please understand this project is a work in progress and Many features are still being built out,

As we move fore ward they will change faster and faster. the current road map for the next month and half is shown here.

1 – mid febuary-

Rules voting system opens officially, Westwood lands begin to be divided to patreon members. Gp system is being built out to replace ARC and bring back buying magic items with GP. Arc accumulated will be able to be exchanged for GP under the new system. Direct player to player gp transfer system , Player shop system, and automatic farm shop and inn GP payout system prepared for release on march 1. Player land channel zone organization created to house more channels and allow all land owners to create channels.

March 1- Gp system comes online, all gp globally reset. Players will receive some gp based on level and arc can be transferred into gp (the exact exchange rate still to be determined). Milestone magic items *may* come into play depending on results of polls. Build out of fully automated unlock able quest lines begins for April release.

Mid March- Player land overhaul, includes shops which can receive GP from other players (even when you are afk) Inns and farms will pay out gp automatically on a timed basis, player land visual interface which actually shows you visually what is on your land and lets you edit it all from one place.

April- fully automated quest line release server wide. Castalands PVP CLOSED beta test begins, with experimental features such as – PVP exp tracker, conquering lands, armies, hirelings, and trainable mounts.

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