The Willows Bride Inn (TEST)

The Willows Bride Inn is a test but it has a really cool name so i am gonna go ahead and write a description.

The willows bride in is a beautiful structure bult from interwoven trees which have grown up from the mossy forest floor and been tended for innumerable generations by the friendly dryad Innkeep who lives there. Her name is Dorthy.

inn encounters 1d8

(roll at least twice every hour, reroll duplicates):

1: 1d4 squirrel pirates hanging out.
2: 1d6 ducks weaving a wicker basket.
3: 1d4 mice playing polka music way to loud
4: 1d4 confused commoners who look lost
5: 1d2 centaurs arm wrestling
6: 1d2 Rabbits having an intimate conversation
7: 1d2 monkeys drinking ale
8: 1d2 blue birds eating bird seed

A room for the night at the Honeywell inn is 1 Gp

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