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A large and beautiful city standing by the edge of the water, the elaborate copper plated towers of the city can be seen sparkling from mies around like a beacon. Just after sundown is a special time in the city, the towers still stand high in the light and reflect the sunset down onto the town for a second time, creating a beautiful spectacle of light. 


The entire city is surrounded by high stone walls with guard towers spaced ever 100ft around its circumference. Not all of the towers are always manned, but there is a 50% chance of 1d6 guards occupying any tower at any given time. 


 The main gate to the city is guarded by 1d4 knights and 1d6 guards who attack any monsters, or anyone hostile towards them but otherwise mind their own business. 

When entering kesh roll from the encounter table.

Kesh Encounters

1. A group of merchants moving goods to the docks. They have several wagons full of goods. 

2. Some kids are playing a game with a ball. They invite you to play, dex check dc15 to score a point and win a trinket. (roll from kesh trinket table) 

3. Several people have gathered in the square and are watching a trained bear perform a balancing act on a giant ball. 

4. Several guards approach the front gate and push the crowd aside as a wealthy caravan is welcomed into the city. Several armored carriages and carts roll into the city and head to the merchants depo. 

5. An angry drunk throws a bottle at you. Dex save dc8 or take 1 bludgeoning damage. He is a commoner and is arrested in 1d4 minutes if you ignore him, he will go screaming running down the road. 

6. An ox wanders through town without any apparent owner, it has wandered off from the docks. It’s friendly , animal handling dc10 to tame. 


Kesh has a thriving merchants district with many different people from all around the world exchanging goods and services from small carts and wagons all along the street. Huge warehouses for the merchants guild can be found here which are locked. Treat the market place here exactly like the bazaar.

The Temple of Kesh

The massive spire in the center of kesh is known as the temple of kesh. Many people migrate here to see it and pay homage to the ancient god of magic for which the town is named. The interior of the towers are empty, with windows opening to all sides, as light travels in and reflects around the mirrored interior it seems to magnify causing the entire chamber to fill with a near blinding light. Anyone who enters this light is cured of all curses and diseases instantly.  

The Inn – The Red Herring 

This large multi level structure is painted bright red and is visible from the entrance to the city. The inn is a massive building painted red and shingled with hardened red tiles. There are arched windows and a dim light emanates from within. 

Rooms at the inn cost 3gp and a meal is an additional gold gp. 

The smokey common room of the red herring is usually full of travelers and reflects from distant lands adorn the walls. Frequented by sailors and merchants the inn has a reputation for being a bit rowdy. When you enter the common room, roll to see what you find. 

Inn Encounter Table

1- a group of sailors singing loudly. 

2- several merchants huddled around a game of dice. 

3- a group of guards taking a break enjoying an ale. 

4- a group of elves from Westwood sitting in the corner. 


The southern part of kesh is a massive sprawl of docks which surround the sheltered pool where ships come and go. The docks are always bustling with people, unloading ships and loading up caravans to head off across the desert. 

Ships can be hired at the docks to transport you for the following prices- 

100gp to salt town

200 gp to worrym, or  khort,

300 to gobble crack. 

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