Dungeons and Dragons is going to change… for better or worse. 

Lets face it, Dungeons and dragons has had the top stop on the TTRPG food chain pretty much forever. Aside from a slight blip with 4e their products have been well received in masses and with 5e they are more popular than ever with over 50million people reported to have played it in 2020 alone! 

With the recent announcement that a new edition of dungeon and dragons is set to come out in 2024 it begs the question, why would they change now?

Granted it was stated that the new edition would be backwards compatible with 5e but with change always comes uncertainty. What changes will come with the new editions? We will see. 

All indications point to the idea that dnd is actually crowd sourcing a lot of its new ideas, with a “Give the players what they want ” approach. Currently they are running surveys on many different categories such as Spells, Classes, and Play Activity. It seems like the company is trying to get a feel for what players are looking for out of the new edition before they make clear their intentions. 

Is this new player forward approach to game design going to pay off for them? Maybe. 

Is it a sign that they lack direction or are afraid of making changes that will damage their popularity? Also maybe. 

We have until 2024 to find out! 

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