Roll20 fights to stay competitive with other VTT’s by adding new features

In a bid to keep up with foundry and other VTTS, roll20 is updating its feature set, and it looks nice. 

Roll20 is one of the longest running, and most popular vtts (virtual table tops) around, and for years its dominated the online tabletop world, but with the surge in popularity, and therefore demand, they have had some competitors come up in the last few years. 

For a long time roll20 did not change much in response to this, and as a result, other virtual table tops such as foundry, fantasy grounds, and others have grown in popularity, mostly because of advanced features that were not available on roll20. Well that is all about to change, as roll20 seems to be rolling out a whole new set of features that seem to aim to keep it in the number one slot for a few more years to come. 

Among the new features are immersive lighting features, includings a new “overhead layer” whatever that means, doors that players can interact with (a feature that made foundry rather popular) and windows, which I suppose work like transparent walls from their already established dynamic lighting feature. 

They also claimed in an email sent out to users yesterday that they are adding in new GM features, though they don’t list any of them other than image scaling which I guess is nice, though I don’t see it as a GM feature per say, more of just a general feature over all. 

They also claim to be adding new types of content to the marketplace, so who knows that’s going to be coming out in the near future. But it seems like it’s going to be good, whatever it is. 

They are also going out of their way to address some of the problems they have had in the past, such as heavy loading times, biggy features , high cpu usage on players computers, all of which they claim to be addressing in the next few months. 

One of the more interesting things they mention in the update is In-person hybrid play, which is not something I have seen any other VTTS addressing, and certainly is an area where there can be some improvement. They claim to be bringing printable character sheets, searchable compendiums from the mobile app (not going to lie i am looking forward to this one) and allowing compendiums to be shared on other websites, outside of roll20 itself, though exactly what sites and how you can share them is yet to be seen. 

Overall I think the new direction from roll20 is a nice change, and I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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