Everything we know about the radiant citadel so far

Recently wizards of the coast announced the release of their new book titled “Journey through the radiant citadel” and here is everything we know about it so far!

According to the brief description from wizards of the coast this is going to be another anthology book, a collection of one shot adventures that can be strung together, but don’t necessarily have to be. Similar to previous releases such as the library of candle keep and tales from the yawning portal the collection of adventures is meant to be played as a continuous campaign or mixed into an existing campaign. 

Despite hopes from many of us (including me) that they were bringing back spell jammers, it doesn’t seem like that is the case, but nonetheless it looks like we will be exploring the multiverse, and entering into other planes. 

From what we already know about the cosmology of dungeons and dragons we can expect to see romps in the elemental plains, chaotic primordial worlds where elemental energy reigns supreme. 

The citadel itself resides on the ethereal plain, a spectral location at the edge of the material plane which separates it from the chaos of the rest of the multiverse. From here we can expect to travel to other locations, and (I hope) explore the citadel itself.

We can expect 13 new adventures according to wizards, each set in a different corner of the multiverse, and each one with its own map sets, monsters, and challenges to face along the way . eleven new monsters are going to be introduced , and with 13 quests, there wont be new monsters in every single one, but still most of them are nice. 

We can expect to see the book released towards the end of june, and presales have already begun. I’m excited to see how it plays out, even if I don’t get to fly on a spell jammer.

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