Its official Spell Jammer is Back!

Spelljammer is back!

Dnd released a trailer for the spelljammer campaign setting and announced 3 new books to be released in 2023, according to the trailer we will see the return of spell jammer, adventure in space. 

The spell jammer setting was a popular second edition dnd setting which explored the multiverse with the use of flying ships known as spell jammers. 

The trailer opened with a sea shanty and showed a crew consisting of several of the new playable races on their way to a crystal city floating in the sky. 

The release consists of three new books, the Astral Adventures Guide which is a resource of players and game masters, containing what is essentially the campaign setting, a monsters manual called Boo’s Astral Menagerie  and a 12 part adventure called The Light of Karyxis. 

They gave little information about exactly what the 12 part adventure would include, but they did give a few hints, telling us that each adventure ended in a cliffhanger, and that it would be an expansive travel oriented campaign setting, mentioning various far flung places, and even dead deities floating in the astral plane. Words like Vampirates and space clowns got thrown around. 

Wizards has also given us a taste of the monsters in the upcoming expansion, you can get it fro free on the dungeons and dragons official website. 

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