About Pocket Dimensions

A 5e Living World Campaign Setting

What is Pocket Dimensions ?

Pocket dimensions is a living world campaign settings for dungeons and dragons 5th edition. That means that it is constantly changing and growing, like a book that is always being rewritten by everyone using it. When you own land in Pocket-Dimensions you gain the ability to make posts on your land, adding dungeons, monsters, or links to your other DND or TTRPG related content. Whenever you get views on your posts you accumulate points which can be used in the store, or transferred into cash!

Owning Land

You can own land which comes with a secret password held in an NFT that will be transferred to you on opensea.io ! With this secret password you will be able to add posts to your land on the world map and whenever someone views your lands you will gain points that can be traded for USD or used to buy adventures or map packs in the shop! 

How do we pay people to play?

We show ads! So instead of having to buy countless PDFS and adventures, we give you most of the adventures for free and use the ad revenue we split with the writers, and the viewers in the form of points! 

How do the views work?

The value of the points is established based on our expected ad revenue and views for that month, so just now starting out they are very low, but we can expect them to increase as traffic increases. 

How do I get paid?

Through PayPal. Simply use the same email as you did to sign up with your PayPal and you can receive payouts for your views!