Blood Keep

District 1 – Blood Keep
The smell of rust is heavily prominent throughout this keep and around it. The sound of dripping and classical music emanates every room but gets louder the further in you go.


  • 3 Kobold Vampire Spawn outside the cells
  • 4 Kobold Vampire Spawn, 1 in each cell
  • Cell’s block all spells and objects but can be easily opened (only by the players).

Room size
!map -mapsize 6×18
Jail Cells
!map -wall A4G4
!map -wall A16G16
!map -wall D1D4
!map -wall D16D19
Cell Doors
!map -wall A4-DD4
!map -wall D4-DG4
!map -wall A16-DD16
!map -wall D16-DG16

?monsters 30 90 3
Adjust to not be in the cells. Remember to place the 4 other Kobolds IN the cells.

Entrance: F9-F10
Door to B: A9-A10



  • Trap DC 15 Constitution save for everyone
  • Noticing Trap: DC 10+1d12
  • 3d10 necrotic damage
  • Disarming is DC 10+1d12, if failed the trap goes off

Results of trap and their effects on room I set up:

  • Goes Off: Gnolls are awake, combat as normal
  • Disarm: Gnolls are surprised, roll the # of Gnolls twice and choose their higher #
  • Disarm Failed: Gnolls get to surprise the party
  • Not Activated: Gnolls are awake, roll the # of Gnolls twice and choose their higher #

This hallway is entered from A and has doors that lead to rooms I, C, and F.


  • Poltergeist hidden with DC 10+1d12
  • Doesn’t attack if hidden, follows party to next room & attacks party there.

!map -mapsize 5×8
?monsters 25 40 1
Door to B: C8
Door to D: E2
Door to E: A2


  • 1d6 Ghouls

!map -mapsize 8×2
?monsters 40 10 <#ofmonsters>
Door to C: A2



  • 2d8 The Wretched

Magic Circles: If stood within or run over, make a DC 10+4d2 Charisma save. 1 use per circle.

  • Pass: You can speak and read Celestial and Abyssal. You are under the effects of Protection from Good & Evil against undead for 1 hr.
  • Fail: You can speak celestial and abyssal for 1 hr.

!map -mapsize 10×4

Magic Circles Locations
Room E: B2, E2, H2
Room H: B3, E3, H3

Door to I from E: D4
Door to I from H: D1
Door to C from E and to F from H: J2


  • Phantom Warrior

The Phantom Warrior asks the party if they are enemies, DC 15 persuasion.

  • PASS: joins party for the fight they call it for.
  • FAIL: hides in ethereal plane & follows party. Surprises both the party and the next room’s enemies. It uses that surprise to use its action to become material again.

!map -mapsize 4×6

Door to B: C1
Door to G: D4
Door to H: A6


  • Necrichor and a Vampire Spawn

The Necrichor is hiding on the ceiling with an 18 stealth at the start of the room.

!map -mapsize 3×4

Door to F: A3


  • 2d4 Gnoll Vampires

Blood Pool: there is a small plaque written in Abyssal near the blood pool. If you are capable of reading it, it says “Drink of me to fill your blood.” A successful insight check of DC 10 will let you magically understand the benefits of drinking. A successful religion check of DC 18 will reveal a hidden message explaining the curse. To make these checks you must speak Abyssal. A Detect Magic reveals the blood to be abjuration. A perception check of DC 15 with Detect Magic up also reveals necromancy.

Only 1 use per character per visit to Umbra Hold.

  • Benefit: you gain the effects of Greater Restoration to restore your max hp. This Greater Restoration excludes its ability to remove curses. You regain 2d6+2 hit points.
  • Curse: you are under the effects of the Bane spell for 1d2 hours. This is a curse and thus cannot be removed with Dispel Magic like Bane normally could.

!map -mapsize 10×10

Door to B: J5-J6
Door to BF: A5-A6
Door to E: D1
Door to H: D10


BF  (Boss Fight)

  • Strahd Von Zarovich (note this is just a vampire using his stat block, not the actual strahd) MAKE SURE TO USE STRAHD’S LAIR ACTIONS
  • 2 Animated Ballista positioned at C1 and C9
  • 1d4 wolves at start of combat and another 1d4 wolves enter through the Wolf Entrances at the beginning of every round after the first. They enter the room on their turn with full movement available through the entrances.

The Wolves Entrances can be closed via these methods:

  • Dealing either a total of 20 damage (not psychic) to the entrance and collapsing it.
  • Successfully using an action to perform an athletics check of DC 15, or other such method like Telekinesis of DC 15.
  • As a general rule, if you find another creative way that requires an action and a DC to close it, use a DC 15 to do so.

If the Vampire is killed and combat is for some reason still continuing, the Animate Ballistae stop working. It seems as though they were being mentally controlled to keep firing.

Add a Lair to init 20 or move DM to init 20 as a reminder to use Lair Actions on that turn.

!map -mapsize 12×10

!map -t an1|C1|L -t an2|C9|L

(make sure to add animated ballistae to the init order before issuing the above command)

Door to I: L5-L6
Wolf Entrances: A2 & A9




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