Lost Haven

Somewhere, well hidden amongst the trees, is a house, made largely of strong, sturdy wood. It’s clearly recently finished, and despite it’s great size it gives a homey feel. 

The sounds of various animals living happily can be heard as one approaches, and carvings depicting happy scenes are spread on the outside of the house, mainly on the wooden beams and chest height areas of the house. The carver clearly took great care with them, and some even have some coloring to them. Most seem to depict a redheaded woman, sometimes with a tall woman, colored in green. The carvings also show them both with various figures of different races, but always female. 

Walking toward the back, an area where many different animals play and live in peace lies. It’s been made with great care, and obvious thought was put into it. Not a single animal is without it’s needs, and all live in comfort, coming and going freely.

[Further desc wip]

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