This is the port town and trading hub known as Starside. This solitary town, surrounded by desert on all sides, has managed to thrive on the blasted lands by securing trade with a far off town. The name of the town is a closely kept secret, but trade in Starside has flourished because of the deal made with it. All manner of goods pass through its port everyday, and though the town itself is hard to find to anyone that is not a merchant, strangers are welcome here, (that means more business, after all) and plenty of work can be found, whether it be moving or guarding crates, delivering items, or other such jobs. They each pay 1gp per hour.


As people enter past the walls and the guards, they are greeted with the sight and sound of many merchants hawking their goods, each in their own stall under a colorful tarp or tent. The smell of many foods and spices is in the air, and sand colored buildings stretch into the distance. Not too far from this plaza is an inn with the name ‘the Dusty Lady’ is located. A halfling by the name of Dale owns and runs it.


Accomodations are available for 5gp a night, including a soft bed and private bathroom. However, if someone has worked at the docks, Dale will give them a free room for the night, having been a dock worker himself once.

A seafood and rice dish called paella is sold there for 4sp, 6sp with a tankard of mead.

Also available are

Salted crayfish and potatoes, fried 2sp

Roast pork or turkey, 7sp

Dale will also cook any simple dish for free if the ingredients are brought to him. He’s jovial even for a halfling, and doesn’t need to be persuaded to tell the story of his success, and the town’s.


Almost anything non-magical can be found here for a price, and if one were to wander in the plaza they’d find various vendors, including a dragonborn who for some reason buys meat from people (standard rules), a human potion seller, and an oddly dressed bard who sings and tells stories of monster slayer with gold eyes and white hair. He insists on introducing himself with a flower name. Strange.


If one were to wander for long enough, or head away from the sound of people and further into the streets where few wander, they would eventually find themselves in the well hidden underbelly of Starside. In this place–well concealed by the shadows of bright yellow buildings– prospers the criminal element. If it breaks the law, it is in Foolshope, for that is what this darker side is called by it’s inhabitants. It’s all run by a mysterious figure known only as Blackburn; a name said in whispers even by the hardest criminals.

A tavern can be found in Foolshope by the name Bleakwater, if one can convince the people that they belong here. (Persuasion 12, or Performance 13. Those with a disguise need not roll)

Within, lies what are clearly pirates and what is soon revealed to be the members of a well concealed smuggling ring. Someone with sharp ears or mind can tell that the smugglers at different tables specialize in different items. (Perception DC 13)

In a private booth in the corner is a group of tabaxi, all talking amongst themselves. Those bold enough to approach despite their glares and those of the other patrons will find themselves greeted by Floof, their captain, and leader of the smuggling ring.

Floof is a short Tabaxi at only 5 feet tall. She has extremely fluffy grey fur with white markings, a pink nose, and turquoise eyes. She is immediately friendly and almost always humming a tune, but one might be careful of her soft paws finding their way into ones pockets.

She wears fitted leather armor, tall boots and dark colored capelet. Very few can figure out where she is storing all of her goods because her fur so long and thick that she hides most anything inside.

If they appear to be looking for work, Floof will offer someone who is friendly back and shares some drinks with her work with her group. It’s simple work, involving the smuggling of catnip to her contacts a few miles outside of town, by the road. As a stranger and not one of the tabaxi band, they’d not be recognized. She offers them 60gp for the job. Those who complete the job without being discovered will be welcomed at Bleakwater as a fellow, and Floof will have work for them often. Leaving town without being discovered requires a stealth or sleight of hand check, DC15. If discovered, an intimidation or persuasion check, DC16 will do to convince the guards to look the other way.


Encounter table:

1. A group of guards chat happily about the Sandlord, the benevolent leader of Starside

2. Merchants wearing turbans and robes of various colors, who will share tips on Starside and it’s market (advantage on your next check)

3. A sailor, just arrived from sea, talking about a town unlike any he’d seen before. He mentions it floating, but will go silent if asked.

4. A jewel colored snake, contrasting with its surroundings. It must’ve escaped from a merchant. Animal handling DC12 to tame.

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