Umbra Hold


Umbra Hold
This massive, sprawling necropolis is hidden underneath the waters of the Dead Loch, protected against flooding via a massive arcane bubble. Although the denizens of the city are all dead or undead, the city itself seems alive. Like some sort of leviathan-esque machine, the city’s structure constantly shifts, revealing new areas and closing others.

Umbra Hold can only be entered & exited via the Ferry Man stationed at the docks adjacent to the Silver Citadel in Penumbra. The Ferry Man is a seemingly friendly Merrenoloth and will take anyone into Umbra Hold via his magical transporting raft. The Ferry Man always takes people to the City Square in Umbra Hold. The Ferry Man is immune to all effects and damage.

The only way to leave is to travel back to the City Square to find the Ferry Man who always waits there, immune to all effects & damage. The Ferry Man will return you to the docks adjacent to the Silver Citadel in Penumbra. The City Square must be cleared or the Ferry Man won’t let you leave.

Start in City Square. From there, you can either Explore The City or go to any District. Buildings in Explore The City either lead to the next random building or immediately back to City Square. Any District leads back to the City Square.

You cannot go back to a cleared building in Explore The City, it is always a random new one. You cannot go to any District from Explore The City, you must return to the City Square. You cannot go from one District to another, you must return to the City Square first to go to another.

Curses or other similar effects placed on you in the dungeon not done by a creature are suspended whenever you leave these player lands, but return upon reentry to these player lands and continue their duration from when they were paused.

Enemies can, and will, leave their rooms & follow you to the next unless otherwise stated or obstructed.

Room Height – If not stated, assume 20ft. If no roof, traveling into the air more than 100ft magically teleports you back to the ground unless otherwise stated.

Once a dungeon room is cleared, it remains so until the next visit to Umbra Hold or unless otherwise stated.

You cannot navigate the dungeon in any other way besides the intended paths, unless otherwise stated.

Teleporting within the dungeon from within the dungeon can only be done within the area you are in, i.e. within the same District, city exploration building, or City Square, unless otherwise stated. Attempting to break this lands the player characters teleporting in City Square with and immediately activates the Scaled Encounter. The other party members may choose to be teleported to City Square with them.

Lighting is always Dim Light unless otherwise stated.


City Square

!map -mapsize 20×20

This wide plaza seems to be an unmoving cog in this leviathan machine. In the center of this area in a strange magical device that contains a black crystal. The city around appears to be undulating. From here, you can go to any District or Explore The City.

Magical Device
– Cannot be effected by anything (Boss Rush Mode In The Make)
– A DC 20 Arcana Check reveals the crystal to be an Arc Well.

Scaled Encounter: After 3 buildings are cleared in Exploring The City, the scaled encounter activates here. Note that this encounter only rewards 10xCR ARC for every monster, not the standard 500 ARC.

Scaled Encounter (City Square)
Levels 1-3
1d2 Ash Zombies
1d2 Skeletal Alchemist
1d2 Specter
Levels 4-6
1d2 Ghoul
1d2 Skeletal swarm
1d2 Deathlock Wight
2d4 Ash Zombie
Levels 7-9
1d4 Wight
1d2 Flameskull
Beholder Zombie
Eye of Fear and Flame
Levels 10-15
Parasyte – infested Behir
Gallows Speaker
1d3+1 Wight
Levels 16-20
Storm Giant Skeleton
1d2 Alhoon
Gloamwing and a Deathlock Master acting as its rider



Exploring The City
Roll 1d4 to see what building you find. After 3 buildings, you must go to City Square to fight the scaled encounter before going anywhere else. These encounters are not scaled, only roll 1d4 for the encounter for the entire party. If you wish, you may roll at max 3d4 for the encounter. Cleared buildings cannot be returned to, a new random building is always rolled.

1) House

!map -mapsize 4×4

1d2 Ghost
1d4 Ash Zombie

2) Garden

!map -mapsize 3×6

1d2 Skeletal Giant Owl
Skeletal Polar Bear
Swarm of Undead Snakes
Shadow Mastiff

3) Shop/Lab

!map -mapsize 8×10

1d6 Skeletal Alchemist
1d2 Undead Cockatrice
Zombie Plague Spreader
1d3 Boneless

4) Temple

!map -mapsize 8×8

1d4 Shadow
Skeletal Juggernaut


District 1 – Blood Keep
The smell of rust is heavily prominent throughout this keep and around it. The sound of dripping and classical music emanates every room but gets louder the further in you go.


  • 3 Kobold Vampire Spawn outside the cells
  • 4 Kobold Vampire Spawn, 1 in each cell
  • Cell’s block all spells and objects but can be easily opened (only by the players).

Room size
!map -mapsize 6×18
Jail Cells
!map -wall A4G4
!map -wall A16G16
!map -wall D1D4
!map -wall D16D19
Cell Doors
!map -wall A4-DD4
!map -wall D4-DG4
!map -wall A16-DD16
!map -wall D16-DG16

?monsters 30 90 3
Adjust to not be in the cells. Remember to place the 4 other Kobolds IN the cells.

Entrance: F9-F10
Door to B: A9-A10



  • Trap DC 15 Constitution save for everyone
  • 3d10 necrotic damage
  • Disarming is DC 10+1d10, if failed the trap goes off

Results of trap and their effects on room I set up:

  • Goes Off: Gnolls are awake, combat as normal
  • Disarm: Gnolls are surprised, roll the # of Gnolls twice and choose their higher #
  • Disarm Failed: Gnolls get to surprise the party
  • Not Activated: Gnolls are awake, roll the # of Gnolls twice and choose their higher #

This hallway is entered from A and has doors that lead to rooms I, C, and F.


  • Poltergeist hidden with DC 10+1d12
  • Doesn’t attack if hidden, follows party to next room & attacks party there.

!map -mapsize 5×8
?monsters 25 40 1
Door to B: C8
Door to D: E2
Door to E: A2


  • 1d4 Ghouls

!map -mapsize 8×2
?monsters 40 10 <#ofmonsters>
Door to C: A2



  • 1d8 The Wretched

Magic Circles: If stood within, make a DC 20 Charisma save. 1 use per circle.

  • Pass: You can speak and read Celestial and Abyssal. You are under the effects of Protection from Good & Evil against undead for 1 hr.
  • Fail: You can speak celestial and abyssal for 1 hr.

!map -mapsize 10×4

Magic Circles Locations
Room E: B2, E2, H2
Room H: B3, E3, H3

Door to I from E: D4
Door to I from H: D1
Door to C from E and to F from H: J2


  • Phantom Warrior

The Phantom Warrior asks the party if they are enemies, DC 15 persuasion.

  • PASS: joins party for the fight they call it for.
  • FAIL: hides in ethereal plane & follows party. Attacks them in next fight.

!map -mapsize 4×6

Door to B: C1
Door to G: D4
Door to H: A6


  • Necrichor

!map -mapsize 3×4

Door to F: A3


  • 2d4 Gnoll Vampires

Blood Pool: there is a small plaque written in Abyssal near the blood pool. If you are capable of reading it, it says “Drink of me to fill your blood.” A successful insight check of DC 10 will let you understand the benefit of drinking. A successful religion check of DC 18 will reveal a hidden message explaining the curse. To make these checks you must speak Abyssal. A Detect Magic reveals the blood to be abjuration. A perception check of DC 15 with Detect Magic up also reveals necromancy.

Only 1 use per character per visit to Umbra Hold.

  • Benefit: you can the effects of Greater Restoration, excluding its ability to remove curses.
  • Curse: you are under the effects of the Bane spell for 1d2 hours. This is a curse and thus cannot be removed with Dispel Magic like Bane normally could.

!map -mapsize 10×10

Door to B: J5-J6
Door to BF: A5-A6
Door to E: D1
Door to H: D10


BF  (Boss Fight)

  • Vampire (Or a Vampire Spellcaster if you choose, but you cannot change which one in the middle of the fight)
  • 2d6 Wolves that arrive at the beginning of 1d3+1 rounds. Roll their initiative & have them start their turn in one of the wolf entrances.

!map -mapsize 12×10

Door to I: L5-L6
Wolf Entrances: A2 & A9


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